Thursday, January 24, 2013

Today's Crochet Project

Long Eared Puppy Hat

My son and daughter both loved this hat.  Guess I will need to make a girlie one for my daughter.  This is my own pattern I designed.   

This took about 2 hours tops, I love projects workup that fast!

I used Vanna's Choice yarn for main hat and a skein of $1 yarn from AC Moore for the ears.

Trying to layout the ears was fun, I actually ended up putting it on my son's head and attaching them.  Should have taken a picture of that, not enough hands....

Button eyes were just extra buttons from an old shirt I found in my drawer when I was looking for something else.  That is always the way it happens can't find anything when I am looking for it!

He kept saying "I look adorable", needless to say his Dad was just so proud of that statement.  I told him not too worry I'll make him a skull hat next to toughen him up.

My daughter was so bummed she couldn't have the hat.  Come on I've already made her about 50 different girlie hats, now I need to come up with a girlie dog on top of it!

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