Monday, January 28, 2013

Today's Crochet Project

Free Pattern - Penguin Hat

Made this for my oldest daughter who wanted something that was not too kiddie.  I found a great pattern on a blog from a great crocheter.  She always posts such cute patterns and such easy to follow instructions.  Bonus--they are FREE!  The pictures on the site are also really informative, they are not just pictures of the finished product.  I love the pictures that show exactly where to start and finish rows something I always questions, fantastic!

I added the bow and changed the pattern slightly, I added 3 extra stitches to the row and used sc.  I also sc around the entire bow then did a slip stitch around the bow to finish off.

Used vintage buttons from my Mom for the eyes.  They have a faceted front instead of holes to attach.  They are attached with regular thread and look so much more realistic, I really love these buttons!  I think I may start hitting the local second chance shops and yard sales for old button and clothes with buttons.  They add so much character to the final project over new buttons.

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